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Metsea Speedo Sprint Heats 2023SOPAC 5/2/23

Congratulations on being part of Team Aquadot for the 2023 Speedo Sprint-Heats! We have a great team of 40 swimmers competing on Sunday, which is exciting! Throughout the day, Coach Alex, Coach Mel and Coach Tania will be at the meet. This weekend is a fantastic opportunity for us to swim fast, get qualifying times, and show how amazing Aquadot is.

Important Information

  • Please arrive at the pool by 7.45am
  • We will have an athlete meeting at 8.00am beside the Diving Pool
  • We will warm up as a team at 8.10am
  • Aquadot sits in Bay 114 (opposite side to entry)
  • METSEA has stated that no parents are permitted on pool deck, so swimmers need to come down to the coaches so they can help prepare your athlete to swim

A few things to remember:

  • Pack your bag the night before including your Aquadot clothes, race costume, swimcap, goggles, warm clothes, towels, spare cap and goggles, food and drink.
  • Ensure you are wearing your Aquadot clothes on pool deck
  • Check in with the coaches as soon as you arrive at the pool, so we know you have arrived
  • lf you are not swimming one of your events, please let the coaches know as soon as possible
  • Avoid warming up in your race suit, it will make you tired and wear out your race suit See the coaches before your race for race instructions
  • See the coaches after your race for a race debrief
  • Swimming down after every race is key to swimming fast alt day
  • Support your team mates! If you can stick around or come early to cheer on the team it always helps having people supporting!
  • As always, red accessories are encouraged to show your Aquadot spirit!

Have fun and enjoy the meet! We are so excited to watch you represent Aguadot this weekend!