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Club Nights are held on Friday nights at 6:30pm.

They are divided into two seasons:

  • Summer Season (Term 4 & 1) in the outdoor 50m pool
  • Winter Season (Term 2 & 3) in the indoor 25m pool


1. Club night entries should be submitted on SwimCentral prior to 12:00pm on the day of the club night.

2. A maximum of two events per swimmer can be entered

3. Swimmers cannot swim in the same stroke more than once each Club Night

Pool Entry

1. Club membership fees do not include pool entry.

2. All swimmers must pay pool entry to Sutherland Leisure Centre unless holding a current squad/learn to swim pass.

3. Parents must pay a spectator fee unless they sign in to time keep for that night in which case, they may enter free of charge provided they mark their name at the pool entry desk and sign the time keeping sheet for their allocated lane.  


1. The marshalling areas are:

  • Summer – the grassed area at the starting block end of the 50-metre pool
  • Winter – the end of the grandstand nearest the emergency exit at the 25-metre pool

Parent/Guardian Assistance

1. It is necessary for parents/guardians to assist in various capacities on club nights, such as

  • Setting up tables and equipment before Club
  • Timekeeping
  • Putting away equipment at end of Club
  • Selling Raffle Tickets when appropriate for raising funds for the club

Point Score Competition

1. The following season point score system applies to each event:

0 pointsif disqualified in an event
0 pointsif the event is a time trial (this swim cannot be used for attendance)
1 pointfor the first swim of the season in each stroke and distance
1 pointfor each swim being more than 1 second slower than their best time for the event
2 pointsfor each swim equalling best time or being not more than one second slower than best time for the event
3 pointsfor each swim bettering best time by up to one second for the event
4 pointsfor each swim bettering best time by more than one second for the event.

2. A swimmer’s best time will be his/her actual best recorded time at Club Night for the current season.

Time Trials/Qualifying Time Trials (QTT) nights

QTT nights are Club Nights where we have prior approval from MetSEA to conduct and an Official Referee and Starter is in attendance. The dates of these QTT nights will be advertised on the club website, if applicable.