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Club Rules


    1. Full season membership runs from 1st October through to 30th September of the following year.

    2. Swimming NSW requires all registrations on-line via the members’ portal found at

    3. Club Membership fees each year will be set by the Management Committee. Other required fees payable will include Swimming NSW registration, Insurance and MetSEA membership.

    4. No refund of membership will be considered.

    5. Payment of membership fees will include the acceptance terms and conditions for the SLC Aquadot Code of Conduct and Media release which will be provided through SwimCentral

    • Adherence to these terms and conditions is required to remain a member of the club

    6. Parents/Guardians of swimmers are required to register as a non-swimmer with Swimming NSW.

    7. Life Members will be exempt from fees.

    8. Executive Members of the Management Committee and the Registrar and qualified officials will have their membership fees paid by the Club. Membership is to be paid upfront on-line using the current registration process and their fees will be reimbursed by the Management Committee on application.

    9. Any member who leaves the SLC Aquadot Swim Team swim programs and joins another swim program will be regarded as having left the SLC Aquadot Swim Team

    • Exceptions to this rule will include any swimmers invited into the AIS and swimmers who transfer overseas. Any further exceptions to this rule shall be decided by the Management Committee on advice from the Head Coach.


    Swim Central

    Swim Central is national database developed for Swimming Australia and being implemented by the State Associations to manage memberships, meet entries, results, and other membership related functions. 

    In Swim Central every member aged 17 years and under is linked to a parent/guardian member through a family group.

    Resources have been developed to assist new and existing families to register for the first time, add a new member to their family group, renew Club membership, enter competitions, and view their results through Swim Central.

    Meet Entries

    Aquadot members are responsible for lodging their own entries (nominations) for swim meets (competitions). Entry and payment for these is done online through SwimCentral. Details about each meet including the venue, start time, program and other information is included on the meet flyer. This can generally be accessed via the Calendar of Events on the Swimming NSW website ( Most meets will fill to capacity well before their publicised closing date. It is important for swimmers to register for swim meets as early as possible to avoid potentially missing out.

    Representing SLC Aquadot Swim Team

    When representing SLC Aquadot Swim Team swimmers are expected to:

    • comply with all Swimming NSW policies
    • attend all training sessions during away meets unless excused by the manager/coach
    • where possible, travel with the team


    Club nights will be held on Friday nights at 6:30pm.

    They are divided into two seasons.

    Summer season covers school term 4 and the following school term 1 with swimming held in the outdoor 50 metre pool.

    Winter season covers school terms 2 and 3 with swimming held in the indoor 25 metre pool which will be in-water starts only.


    1. Club night entries should be submitted on SwimCentral prior to 12:00pm on the day of the club night.

    2. A maximum of two events per swimmer can be entered

    3. Swimmers cannot swim in the same stroke more than once each Club Night

    Pool Entry

    1. Club membership fees do not include pool entry.

    2. All swimmers must pay pool entry to Sutherland Leisure Centre unless holding a current squad/learn to swim pass.

    3. Parents must pay a spectator fee unless they sign in to time keep for that night in which case, they may enter free of charge provided they mark their name at the pool entry desk and sign the time keeping sheet for their allocated lane.  


    1. The marshalling areas are:

    Summer – the grassed area at the starting block end of the 50-metre pool

    Winter – the end of the grandstand nearest the emergency exit at the 25-metre pool

    2. Swimmers will be called ONCE ONLY and advised of their lane number. It is necessary that you remain close to the marshalling area once your event has been called. Automatic disqualification shall apply to swimmers who fail to take up a starting position when instructed.

    3. After swimmers receive their lane number, they are to wait for the Check Starter to take them to their lane; stand behind their lane/block and wait for instructions from the Referee or Starter.

    Race Conditions

    1. ONE START RULE WILL APPLY. Any disqualification will still be awarded as a start for point score and attendance purposes, but times will not be recorded.

    2. No disqualifications shall apply because of incorrect stoke technique in 25m events, swimmers will be warned only.

    3. The Starter will call the swimmers on to the block, or into their starting positions in the water for backstroke events, by whistle and all races will be started by whistle or device.

    4. On completion of the race, the swimmers must wait in the water in their lane until all swimmers finish and a whistle is blown to indicate they may leave the pool.

    5. Over the top start –  with the exception of Backstroke swimmers must remain in the water at the end of the pool until the next race has started. For Backstroke, swimmers must move 5 metre down the pool to allow the next race to start.


    1. Attendance will be recorded at every club night.

    2. To be marked as in attendance, swimmers must swim a minimum of two (2) events each being of a different stroke (or one 400 metre event).

    3. In the event of cancellation of Club Nights prior to events starting (e.g., in case of electrical storm or unforeseen circumstance) all swimmers will receive attendance points.

    4. In event of club being cancelled once underway (due to electrical storm or unforeseen circumstance) all swimmers present will receive attendance points.

    5. Attendance will be recorded where a swimmer does not attend on a Club Night due to a commitment to swim at one of the following Club approved Meets – District (MetSEA), Speedo Sprint, Metropolitan, State or National meets.

    Point Score System

    1. The following point score system applies to each event:

    0 pointsif disqualified in an event
    0 pointsif the event is a time trial (this swim cannot be used for attendance)
    1 pointfor the first swim of the season in each stroke and distance
    1 pointfor each swim being more than 1 second slower than their best time for the event
    2 pointsfor each swim equalling best time or being not more than one second slower than best time for the event
    3 pointsfor each swim bettering best time by up to one second for the event
    4 pointsfor each swim bettering best time by more than one second for the event.

    2. A swimmer’s best time will be his/her actual best recorded time at Club Night for the current season.

    3. No points are awarded on a Friday night unless all compulsory swims are completed.

    Parent/guardian assistance

    1. It is COMPULSORY for parents/guardians to assist in various capacities on club nights, such as

    • Setting up tables and equipment before Club
    • Timekeeping
    • Putting away equipment at end of Club
    • Selling Raffle Tickets when appropriate for raising funds for the club

    Visitors /non-financial members and senior members

    1. A Visitor is a person who has never been a member of SLC Aquadot Swim Team. Visitor privilege is limited to one season only.

    2. Visitors and non-financial members and senior swimming members do not qualify for point score or 100% attendance, or any Club awards or subsidies.

    3. Visitors are limited to three consecutive nights in any one season only.

    Time trials/Qualifying Time Trials (QTT) nights

    1. Time trial swims do not earn points towards the point score system if that swim or stroke is not offered in that night’s Club program. In this case a swimmer must complete two other events from that Club night’s program to qualify for points.

    2. QTT nights are Club Nights where we have prior approval from MetSEA to conduct and an Official Referee and Starter is in attendance. The dates of these QTT nights will be advertised on the club website, if applicable.

    Aquadot Carnivals

    1. An Aquadot Carnival will be held at least yearly, and details will be advertised via the Club website and social media.

    2. All parents will be required to assist with the running of the carnivals.


    Each season the Club will hold a Club Championship Meet.

    Summer Season

    Winter Season


    1. A date and program of events will be published on the Club website and via relevant social media.

    2. The program of events will be drawn up by the committee in conjunction with the Head Coach

    3. All championship events shall be conducted under the rules of Swimming NSW in the presence of a club nominated referee. 

    4. Age for Club Championships will be the age at the date of the championship meet (where the meet is held on one day) or age as at the date of the first day (if the meet is held over more than one day).

    5. All members are invited to swim at Club Championships regardless of membership category or eligibility for awards.

    6. To be eligible to compete for awards in Club Championships, swimmers must be financial and must have attendance marked at a minimum of 50% of Club nights (not including Club Championships)

    • For swimmers with attendance primarily marked whilst competing at Club approved Meets, a minimum of two (2) Club Nights must still be attended

    (b) in the case of swimmers joining as members during a season, eligibility will be granted if they are marked as attending a minimum of 50% of Club Nights from their date of joining and providing that such date is not less than 4 weeks prior to Club Championship

    (c) Eligibility requirements will be waived for swimmers unable to meet the requirements due to AIS, Australian or NSW  representative commitments.

    8. Club Championship entries will be via an online process through SwimCentral as advised on the Club’s website or social media prior to the carnival.

    9. The scoring for Age Champion in each age group will be as follows:


    10. Seeding for Club Championships will be based on Club times.


    A formal Club presentation is held annually for the Summer Season and an additional presentation may be held for the Winter Season. All awards will be calculated and/or voted upon by the Management Committee.

    Club Championship Awards

    Medals will be awarded in each age group to the boy and girl swimmer who achieved 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in a Club Championship event.

    Swimmers aged 13 and over will be given a cash award in lieu of medals. The cash amount will be determined by the Management Committee each season.

    Club Age Champion Awards

    Trophies will be awarded to the boy and girl in each age group that was awarded the most points from Club Championship events.

    Season Point Score Awards

    Trophies are awarded for the highest aggregate of points accumulated during the season – 1st, 2nd 3rd for both boys and girls of each level:

    Level 1 – Junior (9&U)

    Level 2 – Intermediate (10-12)

    Level 3 – Senior (13+)

    In addition, the overall highest scoring boy and girl are presented with a perpetual trophy and a trophy to keep.

    100% Attendance

    There will be an award presented to all swimmers who attain 100% attendance within each season. Attendance will be calculated based on the conditions outlined in the attendance section under Club Nights.

    The 100% attendance awards will only be awarded to swimmers who have been registered for the entire season.

    Club Captains

    The selection of Club Captains shall be made before the Club Summer Presentation and shall be appointed by the Head Coach, subject to the endorsement of the Management Committee. The Club Captains shall hold their position until the following Summer Club Presentation.

    Emerging Talent Award

    A trophy awarded to a swimmer under 12 years who has the highest points total from results at Summer Metros and Summer State Age combined.

    Encouragement Award

    A perpetual trophy awarded to the swimmer who has taken the biggest step during the year as a swimmer and increased their competition experience to the highest level.

    High Achievement Award

    This award is a perpetual trophy to the highest achievement of any Aquadot swimmer during the previous 12 months.

    The Gordon Muir award

    This award is a memorial trophy dedicated to the much-loved State Squad coach, Gordon Muir who passed away in 2018. This perpetual trophy is awarded to a state level swimmer that consistently tries their best during both competition and training and shows outstanding sportsmanship.

    Sandra Romanis Club Person of the Year Award

    A perpetual trophy to honour the memory of Sandra Romanis. Sandra was a coach at Aquadot for many years and was a mentor to many children and parents. Sandra was always more concerned with more than just making sure swimmers were technically correct. She concentrated on the whole person; ensuring swimmers (and parents/guardians) competed in the right spirit and became better people through their involvement with swimming. This trophy is to honour and encourage Sandra’s ethics and lessons gained from her caring and passionate nature.

    Return of Perpetual Trophies

    All perpetual trophies shall be returned to a Committee member:

    (a) Summer Season – by the end of February

    (b) Winter Season – by the end of September

    Other Awards

    Other awards may become available from time to time depending on sponsorship and donations. Criteria for such awards will be decided by the Management Committee and will be published on the Club website.


    Subject to financial viability, it is intended that the Club will provide a level of support for all swimmers representing SLC Aquadot at a State, National or International level.

    This may take the form of apparel or a travel subsidy (latter for National and International level only) and will be determined by the Management Committee.


    Apparel will generally take the form of:

    State SwimmerShirt or small towel
    National SwimmerTracksuit for first attendance at a National Competition Subsidised replacement tracksuit when periodically offeredNational t-shirt (casual)Travel subsidies as outlined below

    Travel Subsidies for Interstate or International Competitions

    Swimmers may apply for a travel subsidy once per swimming season (1st October-  30th September). The maximum subsidy amount for interstate and international travel will be determined by the Management Committee each year.

    1. To be eligible for a travel subsidy for any International, National Age or Open National Championships a swimmer must:

    • be fully financial (for two consecutive and complete seasons)
    • apply to the Management Committee using the proforma appended to this document
    • demonstrate their commitment and dedication to the Club
    • participate in at least one fundraising event
    • compete at the competition(s) relating to their application

    2. The amount of any subsidy will be as determined by the Management Committee and a decision will be made at the meeting following receipt of the application

    3. Swimmers will not receive a subsidy where performance or behaviour is reported on adversely by the manager/coach. In this case, a full report will be provided to the Management Committee and an investigation will be undertaken in line with Swimming NSW processes.

    4. No subsidy will be provided when the Championships are held in Sydney

    5. Whilst not the preferred process, in the event that the Management Committee pays a subsidy in advance of the relevant championships, the swimmer or parents/guardians of the swimmer(s) receiving a subsidy will be required to acknowledge in writing that the subsidy is being paid conditional upon the swimmer complying with the Club Rules. Swimmers/Parents/Guardians must agree to refund the subsidy within 30 days of demand in the event that the Management Committee following investigation decides that the swimmer has breached any of the conditions. In accepting the subsidy, the swimmer/parent/guardian acknowledges that the Management Committee shall be the sole arbitrator in determining whether any condition of subsidy has been breached.

    Team Travel at National or Interstate Events

    1. Depending on the number of swimmers/coaches attending, where possible, and where it makes sense that it is required, a team van or car will be hired and driven by a Club nominated person.  Where a car/van is hired, insurance will be also be included and paid for by the club

    2. Where no team travel vehicle is provided due the proximity of the venue to public transport, swimmers will not be provided with any travel subsidy to cover travel to and from the pool.

    3. Where no team vehicle is provided and public transport is not a viable option, a nominal subsidy for travel to and from the pool may be provided at the discretion of the Management Committee.


    Any decision/discussion or points of controversy not covered by the current Rules of SLC Aquadot Swim Team Incorporated shall be decided by the Management Committee.

    Any decision or interpretation made by the Management Committee will be final and circulated to the relevant members.